This series is dedicated to my daughter.  My wife convinced me to write this story while our daughter was suffering from a rare epilepsy disorder.  I struggled with thoughts of suicide and writing this story has helped me cope.  Our daughter is better now thanks to brain surgery she has received that has been nothing short of a miracle.  There are many dedications to her in this series including the title.  The character that is dedicated to my daughter will eventually become the main hero of the series and also the strongest of them all.... Just like our daughter.



The future is peaceful, at least on the surface.  Appearances are everything.  Artificial intelligence is everywhere.  This advanced programming has triggered the singularity and mankind has leapt forwards in advances in all fields of life.  Automation has taken over nearly all jobs and poverty is a thing of the past, or at least that's what the general population is led to believe.  Underneath the shiny exterior hides a dark evil that is biding its time and has a plan to eliminate mankind completely.

Featured Characters
Dunstan Poster Credits - text.jpg

Dunstan (Tree) Torreno

Dunstan is a very large man, but he is worthy of the typical 'gentle giant' trope.  He is driven by justice and honor and will do anything in his power to protect the weak.  He has a mysterious past and served in a classified special forces unit in the army. 

Julian Poster Credits - text.jpg

Julian Burkholder

Julian is a civilian who runs an outreach program for human anomalies like himself.  His unwavering devotion and kindness has quickly led many to his business for aid.  This passion drives him to go above and beyond to help those in need.

Tim Poster Credits - text.jpg

Timothy ####### ######

Tim is very confident in himself and his abilities.  He is extremely gifted and often backs up what he says he can do.



It is far from over. Although Julian, and his valiant companions comprised of men, women, and AIs won a victorious battle over the chaotic AI Separatists, innocent people are still disappearing at alarming rates. Terrorization by the AI separatists' are now swift, merciless, and scattered. The Blended cannot let this continue! Julian and his team will fiercely pursue their enemy from Earth to the depths of the galaxy. There they will unavoidably collide with menacing forces that control space. A journey they could have never prepared for enough. They must take extreme measures to defeat the world's largest threat or they will leave mankind to succumb to the fall.

Featured Characters
Imari Poster mini.jpg

Imari Ife

Imari answers to no one but herself. She has her own small space ship that she uses for a living. With the help of her AI assistant, they fly throughout the orbit of Earth collecting scrap. Once they land back at a space station in their modified vessel, Imari uses her tactical insights she has gained from being a former police officer and sells her goods to the highest bidder. As long as the price is right, it doesn't matter how shady the customer.

Isadora Poster Regular.jpg


Although her past is filled with suffering, she has now found a way to use her crippling abilities with Julian and her AI's help. Isadora is soft spoken and quiet. She prefers to observe than participate. Unless of course, her friends are in danger.

Clovek Poster Regular.jpg


Cursed with a painful condition, at an early age she went down shady paths to start the transformation into a cyborg in hopes to relive her pain. Now after years of upgrades she is a cunning agent for the Blended.