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Writer. Author. Storyteller.


M.G. Unger

In all reality,

there is no reality at all.

We put up barriers

and call it a wall.

Our fear put them there

so we won't fall.

Moving nowhere,

we can't even crawl.


We think we are caged,

with no escape.

Masters of prison

that is truly fake.

We look at the room

thinking it will break.

These divisions are killing,

 with a pill we shouldn't take.


Did you feel it shiver,

as you came near?

When you opened them

the truth became clear.

Now your eyes pierce the hate

revealing fake fear.

How can we come together

and gather us near?

I point to my heart

the answer is here.


In all reality,

nothing exists until observed.

I want to thank you

for seeing me and being heard.